maanantai 27. elokuuta 2012


I am so happy
So privileged
So thankful

To have a love
I do not own
But what I can call a home

To know who I am
And what for I stand
To be able
To stay stable

Love bursts with words and melodies
Comes out in a form of poetry
From the back of my head
To the front of my lips
From the depths of my heart to the skin
To your skin

It sneaks in like lover`s caresses
Leaves out stresses and worries behind

Makes you smile, cry
Takes you high
With bare feet on the grass you can reach the
-Heaven on earth, it`s heavenly worth is more than you can count

It`s right, fine, everything`s allright
No way to no way, nothing bad to say

Gives you hope, joy, relief and belief
To yourself, the world and everyone you see

You see
The colors
Bright and shining
Silver lining on every cloud
If there is any

Love makes you feel


// Performed 23.8. at HPC: Taiteiden yö / Night of the arts @ Akateemisen kirjakaupan näyteikkuna / window of the Academic Bookstore, Open mic